Write for Us

Laraise the Wage welcomes guest writers and people interested in writing for this blog on a more permanent basis. Different people have different perspectives. Anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to apply to write for Laraise the Wage. In fact, people from other countries are very welcome as it broadens our horizons and gives people new perspectives.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a writer for Laraise the Wage, please send the following to support@laraisethewage.org.

  • Complete name and contact details
  • Description of your job and interest in the economic and finances field
  • An article on a relevant topic of 300 to 400 words
  • A short motivation about why you want to write for Laraise the Wage
  • A clear indication of your availability – guest writer/ full-time writer

Once an application is received, the recruiter for writers evaluates the article and other information and gets into contact with the applicant. No-one has ever been turned away. The screening process is simply to ensure that applicants have a solid knowledge of the field and can write well enough to be published. Laraise the Wage prides itself on good content, good writing, and good reading. This needs to remain the reputation.

Writers’ Duties

As a writer, you will be required to write insightful, unique, and relevant content on the basis agreed with Laraise the Wage. Guest writers can contribute at certain intervals while full-time writers must adhere to a stricter schedule. Feature article writers and expose writers are required to produce new articles every week. Shorter articles are to be produced twice weekly and articles based on research are required once a month.

This is the basic picture of writing for Laraise the Wage. If you are interested, contact them today.