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How To Buy A Good Wallet

A great deal of thought goes into buying a man’s wallet. Apart from looking good,a wallet must be functional too. A wallet is something which a man carries around with him everyday so it must be durable too and when the man concerned is stylish and classy the wallet must be luxurious too. Check out some of these features that will help you buy a good wallet that definitely is a class apart.

  • Material- Men do not like to experiment much with the kind of material their wallets are made of. The average preferred material is obviously leather, as some of the world’s best wallets are leather wallets but today trends are changing and wallets are coming up in a variety of materials which include suede, cotton, synthetic and yes metallic ones too.
  • Type- Traditional wallets are available in two standard varieties- the bi-fold and the trifold. The fold indicates the number of sections available to keep your cards and other essentials. There are other kids like slim wallets, travel wallets- which are designed to carry your passports, flight tickets, and other importantdocuments as well. Special long wallets are also available which are mainly only to be carried into your bag orbriefcases. This wallet is not meant to be carried on person.

Brand- Ultimately this really matters. Buying a branded wallet is highly recommended not only because it oozes oodles of class and style, one can absolutely be sure of the quality. Research the brand that is most popular and also if you are buying it for someone else find out if they have any personal preferences. If you are looking for a  wallet as a gift for your husband then get your husband a Louis Vuitton wallet here. This is a reputed site where you are sure only to get the originals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Increasing Minimum Wage

Minimum wage refers to the lowest possible amount an employer can pay an employee at an hourly rate. Since the first minimum wage was set in 1938, it has been increased 22 times. Raising the minimum wage is always a controversial topic and it tends to evoke strong emotions. An increase could have advantages for some and disadvantages for others and that is why the discussions often get heated. To get you educated on what the arguments are, we have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of increasing minimum wage.


  1. Better quality of life. For impoverished workers, an increase in minimum wage will mean they can have a better quality of life and better conditions.
  2. It will level with inflation. The minimum wage has not kept up with inflation over the years and this means that many workers don’t earn enough to care for their families. An increase in minimum wage will bring it better in-line with inflation.
  3. Boost for the economy. If people have a bit of extra money they will spend it and boost the economy.
  4. Lower costs for social programs. The amount of money spent on social programs to help the poor will be reduced. This could potentially lead to lower taxes.


  1. Fewer entry-level positions. If the minimum wage is increased, employers may hire fewer people for entry level jobs that will start their career.
  2. Higher rates of high school drop-outs. An increase in minimum wage may increase high school drop-out rates as teenagers may be drawn to rather work and make money.
  3. Potential need for layoffs. An increase could force companies that have fixed compensation funds to fire employees to stick to the minimum wage.
  4. Increase in costs of goods and services. If employers need to pay more in wages, they may have to increase their prices to keep the business running successfully and to stay out of the red.

Both sides have valid points and it will remain a controversial debate until a solution that works for both sides, is found. Now, you also know what the big fuss is about.

5 Financial Planning Tips from the Experts

Financial planning can be a bit of a headache. We all have the best intentions and great plans for saving. Most of the time, however, it doesn’t work. Every year we start with resolutions and good intentions and every year we walk out with less money and more stress. We spoke to some of the financial planning experts to help us take on this year and its financial aspects more effectively.

Maximize retirement savings

Your retirement savings is very important for future wellbeing. The best way to maximize these savings is to have it run on autopilot. Set it up so that the money is withdrawn every month. The next thing to do is forget about that money – you don’t have it until you’re retired.

Get your estate in order

Another important thing to do is take care of your estate planning. Make sure that your plan is well-structured and will cover the necessary funds to keep your family afloat.

Make investments for the long term

Investments can only be successful when it is approached as a marathon and not a sprint. Have a long-term plan and stick to it.

Manage debt to avoid future debt

If you don’t plan to get rid of your existing debt, you will never get out of it and just continue to sink deeper into it. Pay off your biggest debt first and cut back in areas where you are overspending or not spending smartly.

Discuss financial goals with your partner

It often happens that couples keep financial secrets from one another. This is not good for the relationship. Shared goals are also more easily achieved than opposing ones. Discuss your goals and needs with each other and plan together.

Use these tips to do your financial planning and end this year better than you did last year. It is always important to plan for the future and learn to use your money better and make it last longer.

10 Fascinating Facts About Different Countries and the World Economy

Different countries have different economic environments. Some drink more than others, some smoke more than others, some live shorter than others, etc. Many factors influence a country’s economics and we have some interesting facts to share. You will laugh out loud and go ‘what?!’ a few times.

Greece has all the smokers. Smokers in Greece are considered the biggest smokers in the world. They smoke on average 8.1 cigarettes a day.

More married men are unemployed. The unemployment rate for married men is 4.9 and for other men, it is 8.4%. Interesting…

Venezuela is the beer nation of the world. The average amount of beer consumed annually per person is 83 liters or 146 pints.

The fossil-fuel industry is massive. Global governments spent $409 billion on subsidies for this industry in 2010. This is quite a number and is almost double the annual GDP of Ireland.

Guadeloupe is the champagne nation of the world. Each person consumes an average of 4.25 bottles of champagne every year.

The Cayman Islands have the most people working. 67.7% of the residents of the Cayman Islands are employed. This gives them the number one spot for employment in the world. To give you a clearer picture, the UK is 30th on the list with 51.1%.

Britain and the United States have the best universities. All 15 of the top universities in the world are in Britain or America. From Britain, we have Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London, and Oxford University. The rest of the 15 are in America.

China produces the most gold. They produce 270 tons of gold annually. South Africa mines 156.5 tons of platinum every year. Peru is the silver giant and produces 3 494 tons of it annually.

Canadians like their computers. Canada is the country with the most computer owners. There are 94.3 machines for every 100 people.

The United States has the biggest economy. The annual GDP is $13 751 billion. Japan comes in second with a GDP of $4 384 billion.

Every country has their thing and many countries contribute to the world’s economy. For more interesting facts, come again next week.