10 Fascinating Facts About Different Countries and the World Economy

Different countries have different economic environments. Some drink more than others, some smoke more than others, some live shorter than others, etc. Many factors influence a country’s economics and we have some interesting facts to share. You will laugh out loud and go ‘what?!’ a few times.

Greece has all the smokers. Smokers in Greece are considered the biggest smokers in the world. They smoke on average 8.1 cigarettes a day.

More married men are unemployed. The unemployment rate for married men is 4.9 and for other men, it is 8.4%. Interesting…

Venezuela is the beer nation of the world. The average amount of beer consumed annually per person is 83 liters or 146 pints.

The fossil-fuel industry is massive. Global governments spent $409 billion on subsidies for this industry in 2010. This is quite a number and is almost double the annual GDP of Ireland.

Guadeloupe is the champagne nation of the world. Each person consumes an average of 4.25 bottles of champagne every year.

The Cayman Islands have the most people working. 67.7% of the residents of the Cayman Islands are employed. This gives them the number one spot for employment in the world. To give you a clearer picture, the UK is 30th on the list with 51.1%.

Britain and the United States have the best universities. All 15 of the top universities in the world are in Britain or America. From Britain, we have Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London, and Oxford University. The rest of the 15 are in America.

China produces the most gold. They produce 270 tons of gold annually. South Africa mines 156.5 tons of platinum every year. Peru is the silver giant and produces 3 494 tons of it annually.

Canadians like their computers. Canada is the country with the most computer owners. There are 94.3 machines for every 100 people.

The United States has the biggest economy. The annual GDP is $13 751 billion. Japan comes in second with a GDP of $4 384 billion.

Every country has their thing and many countries contribute to the world’s economy. For more interesting facts, come again next week.